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Dear Local Businesses: Many of you have social media accounts, yet you don’t post anything to these pages. For instance, a great post would have been whether you’re open on Labor Day, or not. Signed, Curious Customer

A Twitter Campaign That Proves Crazy People Are Everywhere?

Aye Aye Aye! It’s a Swedish train wreck! Interesting case studying in social media campaigns – and hard to resist following the crazy tweets!  The Swedish government, or the Swedish ad/marketing/PR agency is running a Twitter campaign in which one different Swede per week gets to post tweets on behalf of the country, in their…

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This random political/religious debate was taken directly from Twitter transcripts of @LiliVonShtupp (portrayed by Larry King) and @Justin_Boggs (portrayed by Sarah Palin). There is a pay off at the end – I promise. (Source: