Dance space mapping [ Umeå University of Architecture ]

“Lucretia” by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Mind = Blown

Old Calendars for a New Year

Wound Man, circa 1400 Possible inspiration for Valentine for Aids at Flying M

Woman and TARDIS in Garden

One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve EVER had online. It reminds me a bit of Bjork’s interactive Biophilia iPad app. 

Do This

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB ROSS – we miss you! Google Doodle also celebrates Bob’s birthday today! 

I saw a thrift store painting that reminded me of this painting, but I couldn’t remember the artist, country or date – one up, one down for art history classes. {Hunters in the Snow – Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Flemish Renaissance, 1565}

heavy hearted decisions sometimes lead me to cindy sherman Cindy Sherman – Untitled 96

Cai Guo Qiang “I Want to Believe” – former exhibition at the Guggenheim in NY.

Edgar Koi

Lipstick Art

Strong Coffee