Foggy at Vandenberg Air Force Base this morning. From 8-4 (pacific) today, Monday, June 30, I’ll be live-tweeting from the #NASASocial prelaunch event for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, and from around 2-3:30 a.m. tomorrow from the launch. Follow the #nasasocial hashtag on most social media platforms, or follow my tweets at twitter.com/ladufurrena. Learn more about…

Shanghai Sally

I won *honorable mention* in the “Peterman’s Eye” photo contest, for this photo. I get a gift card to purchase my own Urban Sombrero or European Carry-all from the J. Peterman company. I’m not kidding… http://www.petermanseye.com/contest      

Adventure Time!

Some folks make extreme life choices. They leave good, secure jobs to follow a dream or escape the monotony of daily life. Some buy the farm (literally, and sadly, sometimes figuratively) they’ve always wanted; they raise goats, and chickens and sell pickled foods at farmers markets. Some run for a political office in a state…


KTVB News has been giving some great coverage to the #SPACEBRONCOS – an interdisciplinary group of students at Boise State University that I am ‘co-professor of record’ for, alongside Barbara Morgan. Part of this project is to work directly and indirectly with NASA Astronaut Steve Swanson who recently was named Professor of the Practice by…

The Atlanta School

  Check out all of the upcoming events and projects at The Atlanta School! From Basque sausage making, story-telling and maker/builder workshops to community celebrations and gatherings, the collective creativity in Idaho is blossoming! For more information, visit http://www.theatlantaschool.org/events/.

The browser of a scientist.

  I’m not –really– a scientist, but I *really* do relate. Right now, in this window of Chrome, I have 11 tabs open, 2 chats/hangouts,  three browser tools I never really use (besides Adblocker) and bookmarks of websites that have long since passed away.   These tabs have been open for WEEKS and are really geeky…


I kinda skipped Valentine’s Day this year. While I jump at any chance to let my husband know how much I love him, I can do that simply by breathing in and out. Our love isn’t valued by trinkets or displays of affection. It just is. Love. Valentine’s Day wasn’t always associated with romanticism, or…


Just logged into my SoundCloud account after about a year…? I don’t know why I haven’t visited in a while, perhaps because I am out of data for uploads/downloads? Anyway, SoundCloud is a great platform for discovering artists and re-mixes, downloading available tracks, uploading your own audio files, creating playlists, embedding a slick and responsive…

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Hoffman could portray the darkest truths of humanity. The ugly freakish things we hide and struggle with he could make relatable and awkwardly beautiful. Hopefully he’ll be remembered for his talent and accomplishments, not the end of his life. NY Times story here.

Groundhog Day

For me, this winter feels never ending. The relatable movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray and Punxsutawney Phil, is playing at 2 p.m. today at the Edward’s on Overland in Boise, ID. By the way, today Phil predicted that a longer winter will be had by all.

Classic paintings are animated in this beautiful, slightly erotic, nightmarish video. Amazing! (Source: http://player.vimeo.com/)


Omg Omg Omg

archatlas: Pitarque Robots Javier Arcos Pitarque Some people are obsessed with animals, clothes or collecting boxes. Javier Arcos Pitarque’s obsession are robots. It all started with “Lost in Space”, the adventures of Will Robinson and his robot friend led him to start collecting tin robots. Now he creates robots out of everyday objects, each one a piece of…