Oh Baby! An Update and New Due Date

Nieves Blanca Will Soon Be Here!

Although her due date is July 23rd, and if everything goes as planned at this point, we will be checking into St. Luke’s in downtown Boise this Sunday evening (July 17th) to be induced.

This is a medical induction for a rare genetic blood condition I carry and have been taking blood thinners for throughout the pregnancy (the disorder is called factor V Leiden thrombophilia – I am homozygous for the rare genetic mutation, meaning that I inherited two copies of the gene, one from each parent. More info HERE.) However, although we are opting to induce, both myself and the baby are very healthy and the pregnancy has been pretty textbook, thus far. The induction is to help ensure that everything goes well between the use of blood thinners and anti-clotting mechanisms during labor/delivery – so my blood is not clotting but also not too thin causing other complications. We are taking every precaution to have a successful birth and healthy baby and mama.

If the induction works as it should, delivery will likely happen sometime on Monday, July 18!

At week 36 Nieves weighed in at approximately 6.5 lbs

I am excited to share the birthing experience with Sean, he’s been an amazing partner through the entire pregnancy! My long time friend Shannon Lewis is a nurse in the labor and delivery unit at St. Luke’s and will also be there to support me! For Shannon and I it’ll be just like bartending at Neurolux again on a crazy, busy shift  – but with more screaming and less shots of tequila. 🙂

I’ve created an iTunes playlist to listen to during labor – you can listen too if you like, by clicking HERE.

We’ll be at St. Luke’s for 3-4 days after delivery and welcome visitors to the Mother and Baby area on the 8th floor. Please note that “quiet hours” are set from 4-6 p.m. every day.

Once home with Nieves, we’ll continue our stay in Boise for a few weeks before returning to McDermitt. Again, we welcome visitors – just give me or Sean a heads up.

Get more info about Nieves on her personal corner of this website at https://dufurrena.la/itsagirl/ and follow the drop-down menu for additional pages.