1992 Wish

I can’t help but feel nostalgic as so many of my friends in Boise are going to see The Cure tonight.
I was a HUGE fan during my teenage years, and still love them today. 

I first saw them in 1992, the “wish” tour. This was back when fans could camp out at a box office gearing up to release tickets to concerts. For me that usually meant spending a day and a half on the front walkway of a suburban Smith’s grocery store (Smithstix). Camping out for tickets, or good seats at the very least, was a part of the concert going experience – a ritual – long but lost to Ticketmaster and the web. 

After this particular concert (with three encores!), a friend and I waited at the back of what was then the shiny new Delta Center, home of the Utah Jazz; a behemoth of a venue. We waited, gathered *highly sensitive, covert information* from the roadies and venue security about the band, then ran (giggling and skipping like morbid little modish faeries) over to the SLC Marriot (which was on the same block as Crossroads Mall, yet but another faded memory of my bewildered youth).
It was there where we “just happened” to meet the band. Robert wasn’t having any of it, but Porl and Simon and Perry obliged us with autographs and chatter. I was 14. I had blue hair. A friend’s mom picked us up and drove us home.

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