Say No. Say When!

Yesterday, I turned down an AMAZING opportunity to do something I’m good at, help a cause I believe in, while supporting like-minded folks in Idaho (and audiences around the world, for that matter). I was asked, via a former employer on behalf of the Idaho Democratic Party, if I could manage social media accounts during the Idaho Democratic Caucus on March 22 – expected to be one of the largest caucuses in the country, with a Bernie Sanders rally today in Boise.

I can’t stop thinking about saying “no,” but know that my decision was sound. Although I really want to be involved in all of the things, all of the time and keep my ties in Boise strong, our business and personal lives in Nevada are keeping us VERY BUSY. It’s been a bit of a difficult transition, moving to rural life and pretending like I know how to run a business, but it’s one I’m now fully committed to for the next little while. I’m adulting so hard right now. 

I hope my Idaho friends, colleagues, followers and connections get out and CAUCUS TOMORROW! Wish I could be there…

c’est la vie

Idaho caucus details and information at:

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