Longing for Waiting Rooms, and Other Excitement

I’ve only lived in McDermitt, Nevada, the middle of nowhere, for about six months. In these recent months I’ve learned a couple of things that make the time here go by faster and the place seem more pleasant and less desolate.

Cash & Carry
Cash & Carry

One of the things that I consistently look forward to is leaving town. Duh. Whether driving to Winnemucca (at 75 miles, it is the nearest major town) for emergency supplies (“Hello, Walmart!” – words I never thought I’d utter) or to grab a pizza and some draught beer with Sean (date night), picking up a booze and cigarette order in Reno – aka: biggest little – or coming to Boise for appointments, supplies, culture or social events, and sometimes even a day off, at least one of us is on the road at least once per week. On average, I travel about 400-500 miles per week, give or take.

The longer I’m in McD the more negative vibes start to wear me down; I become terse, bored, detached and obviously miserable. Generally not very pleasant to be around. Sean and I butt heads, I can’t digest ANYTHING his mom does or says, the actions of our employees begin to irritate me and our customers lose their charm. Not only is getting out of town, for whatever reason, good for my peace of mind, but it also helps our marriage and business.

The actual driving from and to town is rather cathartic – almost meditative. I am alone with my thoughts, music, podcast or audiobook – it is my time. I often stop at roadside attractions (there aren’t many) or random visions of beauty or weirdness. Sometimes I stop at Ingress portals, but that is more of a Sean thing (blog post about that coming soon).

I’ve been stuck in McDermitt twelve days since my last trip out of town (besides one date night in Winnemucca). I feel ready to burst!

Stuffed Prius
Stuffed Prius

I am so excited for my next trip to Boise. It involves zoning out on my iPhone in a waiting room during a car service appointment, selecting commercial carpeting for the entrance areas of the casino at a warehouse on Eagle and Fairview (conveniently located just west of the Fourth Circle of Hell), a hair appointment, personal and business errands, Winco, Costco and Cash & Carry. Sounds like fun, huh? I’ll be very busy, but at least I’ll be home! I might be able to squeeze a dinner with a friend in, and maybe even a trip to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (pinch me).

Perfect Day in Boise - Bricolage
Sunset Magazine “A Perfect Day in Boise.” Photo credit: Bricolage.

I get to do it all over again in two weeks when I’ll be speaking to a political science class at Boise State about social media and political campaigns, between all of the errands, of course. I love that I still get to be involved in the Boise community, as I haven’t found a place to be socially engaged yet in Northern Nevada.

It’s kind of ironic that I feel more liberated when I’m away from rural life.


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