What Am I Doing?

By trade and nature, I am a planner. That doesn’t mean I can’t be, or don’t enjoy spontaneity. The next few months will test my adaptability and patience; this I know… It is one of the few things I can plan on.

[LINK] My current work/life situation seems to change on a daily basis. In limbo between Boise and McDermitt. [LINK]

I had planned to start my first official day today – although it is and will continue to be a slow process. Today was nixed yesterday, but now it turns out that today should have been, but tomorrow will just have to do. I will pack up necessities (cat, clothes and toiletries, towels, bedding, basic human/feline food staples and maybe a memento or two) and head down to McDermitt in the morning.

The most challenging part of the day won’t be leaving our home in Boise (We’ve decided to sell our house, it’s just too much on our plates right now. So, more to come on that.), or my first real day of training and working at the casino (I’m ready to jump in and learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible), but will be moving Miss Kitty to our new~temporary location, let alone a three hour+ car ride to get there. He (Miss Kitty is a 16 y.o. male Tabby cat) just doesn’t like going places. Who can blame him? He has it made where he is. Hopefully he’ll be able to adapt to traveling back and fourth with us for the next little while, while I adapt to not knowing what is in store for me, us, the future.

I am a little scared, trying to keep romantic notions about our venture in check, and of course, nervous about learning from and working so close with Sean’s mom and strangers who are about to become my employees. Scared, nervous, anxious (always anxious, I think it has something to do with the planning tendencies) excited, bewildered, quiet yet optimistic… Ready. I am ready for this. 

This is today’s affirmation.

stuart 1 stuart three stuart 2 

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