Bits and Bytes, a television program about computers, or rather about microcomputers — the small, personal ones that are selling like hot cakes nowadays.

Bits and Bytes was a Canadian television series, produced by TVOntario in 1983. It starred Luba Goy as the instructor, and Billy Van as the student. The show consisted of 12 episodes and featured many of the classic 80s microcomputers including the Apple ][, Commodore PET, VIC 20 and 64, Atari 800, TRS-80, TI 99 and the IBM PC.

The subjects were:

  • Program 1: Getting Started
  • Program 2: Ready-MadePrograms
  • Program 3: How Programs Work?
  • Program 4: File & Data Management
  • Program 5: Communication Between Computers
  • Program 6: Computer Languages
  • Program 7: Computer-Assisted Instruction
  • Program 8: Games & Simulations
  • Program 9: Computer Graphics
  • Program 10: Computer Music
  • Program 11: Computers at Work
  • Program 12: What Next?

For more information, see This series has been made available on for posterity.

And, it is awesome.


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