B. Dolan: The thirteenth of 15 artists playing at Treefort Music Fest this year that are a must see.

In its second year, Treefort Music Fest is a multi-venue music festival March 21-24 in downtown Boise. The festival features hundreds of national, regional and local emerging musicians and bands. The festival will be hosting informative panels on topics from video production to local politics. Visit treefortmusicfest.com for event details, artist information, schedules and tickets. 

B. Dolan doesn’t sound like a hip hop name, but his lyrics and beats remind me of MF Doom or Lyrics Born. Can’t wait for the late show – playing 11:50 p.m. – 12:20 a.m. Thursday, March 21 at The Reef (corner of 6th and Main, upstairs). Also playing a free show, open to the public, at 1:30 on Thursday, at Boise State University’s Centennial Amphitheater.

Treefort pass required. 21+

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