Who knew you could rent-a-goat? My friend Nikki, that’s who! While at her house this weekend I was introduced to the Nanny (that’s a female goat) and her kids. For only $25 per month, plus $25 delivery and pick-up fee, the Nanny will keep Nikki’s yard naturally trim and healthy (they come with their own fertilizer, mind you) this summer. According to a Boise Weekly article on this topic, goats are an earth-friendly, long or short-term solution to weeds, thistles and *goatheads.* Chicken wire recommended for greenery or other items you’d like to keep from being nibbled on.

Not all of the RENT-A-GOATS come with kids, but Nikki was lucky! The kids are very friendly, domestic, and cute – and as they’re still receiving milk from their mother, they don’t contribute to the yard care, but are more like pets. So much fun for animals lovers (like me) and families!

Sound interesting? Contact Paul and Becky Stephens of Idahorse Farms in Greenleaf Idaho to schedule a rental period. Call 208-249-9292, or email at: zephy32(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Nom On ^ Leigh Ann


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