A gay convo with a friend.

Korovieva: It kills me that these 3 dudes live together and look alike, like gay pirate hipsters:

(Click on photo to link to Gay Pirate Hipster article on Apartment Therapy)

Me: Holy Shit! Are two of those guys the ones from the Blackberry TV commercial? Yes, I think so! Soooo butt pirate the mustache isn’t even ironic.

Korovieva: I haven’t seen that commercial. I’ll have to find it.

Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj3WnSLnOKQ&feature=player_embedded Note: Do not Google “Blackberry + Gay”

Korovieva: Duly noted. The comments below the article I sent you are priceless. You should read them.

Me: Fuck, I’m posting this convo on Tumblr! The Village People of the 21st century, fer sher.


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