I hate the smugness of Apple… AND, Apple fans are racists and rapists.  –  –  This is a live multimedia performance of comedian Baratunde Thurston‘s blogging experience criticizing Apple. This is hilarious.

I cross the streams (like Ghostbusters) and use Apple and Microsoft based products. I even use Windows through a partition on my MacBook Pro (an Apple fanboy travesty, I know). Not to mention that most of the civilized world that uses Windows OS also uses iTunes. These platforms work, and often they work together.

But, there are people out there saying that one is better than the other. They say that Apple is the most divine thing they can physically touch. They think that Apple is “error” free. They believe that Steve Jobs is a God. But, in my opinion, this is like saying one race is better than the other… when in reality we are all equal, and have both faults and benefits perhaps where the other doesn’t. The matter of the situation is that Apple wouldn’t be where it is today without Microsoft, and the smugness of their advertising and fan base will eventually just slap themselves in the face.

By the way, I have a 3G iPhone that is still under contract (I haven’t even had it two years) and it is completely dead. The current iOS updates made it increasingly more sluggish and sickly, until it finally died. El muerto. This happened during the same few weeks that Apple released the iPhone 4 brick. Thank baby Jesus I already bought the Android Nexus One.

Praise Google. You heard me.

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