My head almost exploded at Java Downtown this morning. THREE STROLLERS. Three huge strollers, right there, in the the pathway. This just reinforces my hatred towards strollers, and the ignoramuses who use them in inappropriate public places.

I’m not totally against strollers, I think they’re great for “strolling” around the neighborhood and other open spaces, but once you add a stroller in with a large group of people or indoor space you create major problems. Yes, YOU parents. I know you think your baby is the most precious thing alive, and everyone should bask in the glory of your sperm and egg creation, but it’s just not so. Stroller get in the way. Stroller nip at ankles in crowded spaces. Strollers stop inadvertently causing traffic jams.

I plea, if you’re going to use a stroller in a public place, please be considerate enough to fold it up, lock it to a bike rack (and carry your child), operate it like you would any other vehicle, give others the right of way, and just be more considerate. Really.

Thanks for reading my stroller rant.

**This is a rant, please do not reply.

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